Without a doubt, the most fun about having a blog is the interaction I have with so many of you. Each one of you is a vital part of the Alligator Hall community – and what you share is important to me and to many readers. We’ve all learned from you: from tricks about making sure knots don’t come untied on fishing lines to how to untie knots in fishing lines! How to remove tarnish when there’s no silver polish to the best way to shake that odor from Rover after his “incident”.

This communication is fun, and it’s the fabric of our “small town”. And though I’m not able to respond to each of you, please know how much your notes and photos are appreciated. Feel free to send in photos, stories, and tips, and I’ll do my best to put your input up on the site!

Thanks for sharing your lives with me. And a special thank you for being a part of Alligator Hall – you are its heartbeat.


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