Gotta Love…Cowhides!


For many, cowhide is associated with the decor of the American West¬† — well we say, think again. We have cows here at Alligator Hall. There are cows just outside of Palm Beach. Cows live within miles of New York City. Hey, cows even live in the suburbs of LA. So why are cowhide rugs relegated to the west? Sure, we all love the Dallas/Santa Fe/Jackson Hole look, but quite frankly, cowhide is mainstream, versatile, and a great addition to any room — no matter where you are.


Right now, I have a cowhide rug in my boys playroom…and because it’s practically invisible because of the legos, I’ve decided to spare you the picture. But take a look at where cowhide can take a room —

 Picture 1


Whoever thought of cowhide as sweet and feminine?
(I hope the cow was a she…)
Cowhide on an ottoman is a layup, how about on a gold-brushed antique French chair…
or a modern chair…
Or these chairs!
even on a bar…(how great is this place!)
I put this in just to say, see! Hello South Beach, or LA, or NYC or Chicago…


We can go all over the map with cowhide. Here is a traditional home that used Williamsburg colors with hide…

Here’s a home in DC
There are thousands of pictures we can find that give you the idea that cowhide is mainstream. Like antlers, mounts, and so many other earthy things that we hunters and outdoorspeople bring into our homes, remember cowhide as an option as well. It’s a favorite of mine!