Gus’ Fishhook Adventure

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Here’s a post from the archives as the weather warms and the kids head out with fishing gear…


It’s a great lesson for us all!


Gus is a nice dog, really. OK, he may be the only dog I know with a rap sheet, but still, a nice old dog. Really old for a lab: he’s 14.  My kid is a nice kid, really. OK, NO rap sheet, but still, a nice kid. Young…so a little inexperienced. The story: the dog and the kid like to fish together. And the kid made one little mistake.



The one holding the rod is the perpetrator

The one holding the rod is the perpetrator



Take it from me: shrimp on the end of fishing lines aren’t the ones dogs need to eat — they’re too expensive.





So the distracted kid puts the fishing rod down on the dock…

the old chowhound, Gus, watched with interest…

and then took us all on a great adventure…

Animal Hospital

So, it all started with one little shrimp…



fish hook x ray



and moved on to a few x rays…a consultation…hushed tones in the animal hospital lobby…a terrified little boy (more afraid of Mom than anything else, it seemed)…a jolly Doc (who seemed to be one of the few finding humor in the situation — I can say that, my Dad was a Doc)



Gus' Dsicharge Papers



Yea. Funny. Dog and kid are just fine. Mom…?






Who knows what’s next with this geezer. Did I mention he’s had torn ACL’s in both back legs…? That doc was funny too.